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More Dwight and Goodwill to All Men

Over the previous few months I’ve been accused of many things

He’s back . . . . . & voluntary teaching work

Few people have emailed me doubting the existence of Dwight – the hero of last week’s column. I can assure you he is real and not just another excuse I’d dreamed up to take the piss out of Americans. Get real, do you really think I could invent stuff as good as some of the contents from this week’s correspondence from the email. (There was no plan to do a sequel but Dwight’s one of those ‘special’ people.)

Teaching did get a passing mention in the first email of the week :

” I want to ask you more questions, if I teach English to Thai young women over age 20 and several are very cute and like me is it improper to go out with them in Thailand?”

And again even more fleeting appearance in the second :

“How could I locate students to teach English in their apt. or mine and if some are 16-17 year old women and they all like me is any relationship with 17 year old women illegal there?”

What exactly happened to cause him to reevaluate the ages of student he’d enjoy getting to know on a one to one basis at his Petchburi Road love nest is anyone’s guess.

And, finally, having already sent me one photo he attached the same one again :

“About myself briefly, I like Asian women and I’m NOT gay on the photo.”

Another photo of him was indeed attached – although the file was named ‘Dana Scully.jpg’

I told my girlfriend about him. Her comment was “Oh Dear” which was uttered in a tone that implied ” Look on it as your duty to keep that idiot from breeding and thereby hastening the end of civilization as we know it.”

And now for something completely different . . . .

Over the previous few months I’ve been accused of many things but being a caring, sharing type of guy isn’t one of them. My ‘Princess Diana’ moment – she hugged a kid with AIDS, I stuck some information on my website ( same, same but different ) – occurred in late September and resulted in that warm fuzzy feeling that only doing a good deed can bring.

It was then that I was contacted by a volunteer from ‘Goodwill Bangkok’, an organization that trains both current and ex-hookers in English and Computer Skills. After further reading I discovered that this wasn’t just a ploy to give them the ability to write comprehensible begging emails to their love struck ‘hansum’ men now languishing back in western reality back after the type of two week trip that would give Mr Purachai a fit.

Goodwill Bangkok also offers specific employment training as well, e.g. for restaurant staff, nannies, maids etc. Looking in from the outside these aren’t great jobs, but put yourself in their shoes for a moment. After all, do you really think the majority of girls particularly relish being sandwiched between a sweaty overweight farang and hotel mattress, no matter how well sprung it is, on a nightly basis? However, as many are without a Bachelors degree let alone a Por Vor Sor or Por Vor Chor then getting a decent job is often out of the question. Although, I’m sure reading the ‘Skills and Abilities’ section of the application form brightens up a few recruiters’ days.

Many students left school after Mattayom 3 and headed to Bangkok where they were led to believe the streets were awash with jobs-a-plenty and easy money. Their lack of paper qualifications is addressed by a scholarship fund for those who didn’t graduate from high school but who show an exceptional dedication to learning and bettering themselves. Recently a private college in Bangkok drastically reduced its rates in order to allow 10 Goodwill students to take a 2 year Diploma in Human Resources Management.

The majority of the classes – which all taught by volunteers – are held at the organisation’s office in Bangkok city center. However, shortly, the teaching will be taken out of the classroom and into the community. There are many girls who are unable to come into the city center to attend classes. Therefore classes will be taught in temples in Bangkok’s inner city ghettos. Here, local volunteers will be trained to lead and organize the training for future classes and with a little luck and a few corporate helping hands Goodwill’s reach will extend into all areas of Bangkok.

Since putting the information on an average of 2 or 3 teachers per day, from Thailand and abroad, have contacted the center to offer their assistance and time.

Goodwill Bangkok is a charitable organization that exists thanks to the efforts of volunteer teachers and sponsors. Right now they require 6 computer monitors and a corporate sponsor or two. Visit their website at for more details about what you can do to help.

That’s my good deed done for the year. Normal service will be resumed next week.